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One Region, Many Definitions

Helle Malmvig: “There is an urgent need to distinguish between the different sectarian dimensions”

“On the surface it looks like alliances we have in the region are very much structured along sectarian lines, especially recently because Saudi Arabia managed to rally many of the Sunni states behind him in its rivalry with Iran”.

Robert Springborg: “The Middle East is the most militarised region in the world”

"Since 1998 is the most militarised region in the world. This militarisation took off in 2011, with the Arab uprisings and worringly continues to develop..."


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MENARA Project Kick Off Meeting in Barcelona

The 14 partners of the MENARA Project (Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: Mapping geopolitical shifts, regional order and domestic transformations) met in Barcelona from the 4 to the 6 of May 2016 for its first public conference and kick-off meeting. The project, which will last until March 2019, studies the geopolitical order in [...]