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The Middle East & North Africa: from Napoleon to Trump

  The MENARA project has prepared a series of five timelines with the aim of understanding past trends and events and their impact over the current regional order. The following timelines go over the most important developments in the MENA since the rise of Western influence over the region, at the turn of the 19th Century, until the latest [...]

Framing the Middle-East: challenges and opportunities

"In the regional chaos, the GCC was looked as the last castle of stability in the region. This castle of stability was potentially a possible hope for regaining stability and maybe to help the other Arab countries. But that was the case until June 2017, that has not only turned the GCC as a dysfunctional [...]

The role of international organisations toward the MENA economic challenges

Giordano Segneri, Policy Advisor of the United Nations (Tunisia) explains to MENARA what is the role of international organizations in responding to the economic challenges of the MENA region.    

Syrian refugee crisis: the role of international civil society

Bassam Al Kuwaiti, Managing Director of RMTeam International, explains what is the role of international civil society on responding to the Syrian refugee crisis during the MENARA Stakeholders Meeting.

GAZA STRIP: The long-standing Israeli policy of isolation, separation and siege of Gaza

The Gaza Strip has one of the highest population densities in the world, with almost 2 million people living in only 365 km2. Two-thirds of the residents are refugees - evicted from their villages and land during the 1948 war - unemployment rates are over 40%, and nearly half are below the age of 14. [...]