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The MENA NWFZ: 44 Years Old Dream… Postponed Again

The creation of a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone (WMDFZ) was first proposed by the Shah of Iran in 1974, but since then the idea has not achieved yet significant results. In 1995 and with the endorsement of the NPT, the UN discussed a proposal for “the establishment of an effectively verifiable [...]

Regionalism and Beyond: Mapping Regional and International Organizations in the MENA

This diagram aim to represent the main regional and international organizations that operate in the MENA region.  

The Regional Dimension of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

This is a conceptual diagram that aims to dissect the main repercussions of the Arab-Israeli conflict and how it affects several other conflicts, such as the War on Syria, Southern Lebanon or the Refugee crisis.    

Signatories to Multilateral Arms Control Treaties and Agreements

Which are the main existing multilateral treaties and agreements on arms control in the world, and what is the status of the MENA countries regarding to them? Who has signed what, and when?

Islamist Parties Performance in Elections Since 2011

The map provides an overview of the Islamist parties’ performance in regional elections between 2011 and October 2017.    

A Class of their Own: the US and Saudi Overreaching Military Expenditure

In this infographic, we make an analysis of both the World’s and the regional military expenditure between 2011 (the aftermath of the Arab Spring) and 2014 (most recent available data). The main conclusions are that MENA —along with East Asia— is one of the most militarized regions in the world, proving its position as a [...]

Main Destination for Syrian Refugees

This map depicts the Syrian refugee crisis in numbers, and the impact that it has on its neighbouring countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan. Key figures on the host countries are also included, including a reference to the geographical distribution of the refugees in the hosting country.

Militarization in the Mena Region

Small countries tend to poses smaller armies. But Israel has three times more soldiers per thousand inhabitants than Saudi Arabia, and almost doubles Jordan in relative terms. At the same time, Gulf countries spend significantly more on their military than the rest. More soldiers. More money. How the region’s countries compare in terms of relative [...]

Fact-Finding Missions in a Nuthshell

One year, 269 Interviews, 29 countries. With this infographic you will learn more about the specifics of this remarkable effort, conducted by the project’s partners, to capture the regional perspectives on the EU’s role in the MENA region.

Gaza Strip: the Long-Standing Israeli Policy of Isolation, Separation and Siege of Gaza

The following map depicts the main access points to the Gaza Strip, the narrow territory where 2 million people (mostly refugees and young people) live in only 365 km2. Gaza’s residents have been increasingly isolated from the rest of the Palestinian territories and under direct Israeli military occupation from 1967 to 2005. Because of this [...]