CIDOB is an independent think tank based in Barcelona, dedicated to the study, research and analysis of international affairs. It has a dynamic community of analysts producing information and ideas to help formulate and promote policies for a more secure, free and fair world. For over 40 years, CIDOB has carried out field research and studies, interacting with the academic world; providing original analysis and anticipating new trends before they reach the political agenda. CIDOB has a particular focus on European Foreign Policy; regional security; Intercultural dynamics; migration and mobility and natural resources and sustainability. CIDOB currently focuses on four geopolitical spaces: a deeper and wider Europe, the broader Mediterranean, the Atlantic space and the emerging Pacific.

It is a globally connected think tank, with ties to the major centres of excellence in Europe and its Mediterranean neighbours through various projects. CIDOB is also among the top think tanks in the world, holding the 58th position in the “Global Go To Think Tank” ranking.

CIDOB has a long record of expertise in research projects within the FP7 (e.g. as coordinator of EU4SEAS, ATLANTIC FUTURE and SAHWA) and has a wide experience in dissemination and documentation activities.

Currently, it coordinates the MENARA Project and it participates in two Horizon 2020 project:  Med-Reset, a project that aims to rethink the Euro-Mediterranean relations and FEUTURE, focusing on the Future of EU-Turkey relations.