The Middle East Directions Programme is an autonomous research programme located within the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute.

Our research agenda focuses on analysing the turbulent changes currently taking place in the Middle East and their impact on the region, its peoples, and its relationship with Europe, including:

  • The reshaping of the region’s political map in light of new political and military developments, as well as of new economic, financial and human flows.
  • The emergence of new forms of governance of peoples and territories, from the local to the transnational, including transformations of the nation-state.
  • The interplay between ongoing processes of social, political and economic transformation in countries that have been experiencing regime change and/or armed conflict, as well as longer-term trends of social, religious and demographic change which are common to the entire region.
  • The collapse of the regional order and the emergence of new geopolitical dynamics, with their impact on the stability of the region and beyond.

The consequences of changes in the region for the EU and EU-MENA relationship.