The Istituto Affari Internazionali, founded in 1965 by Altiero Spinelli as a non-profit organisation, is Italy’s major international affairs research centre, as well as being the Italian research institute with the most developed international network capabilities. The Institute’s mission is to promote the understanding of international relations through inter-disciplinary and policy-oriented research and meetings. Its main areas of interest are: Italian foreign policy, European integration and external relations, transatlantic relations, the Mediterranean and Middle East, international security and international political economy. IAI participates in or coordinates numerous research projects, several of which have been financed by the Commission (MICROCON, EU4SEAS, MERCURY, MEDPRO, CORE, EU-US, TRNSWORLD, POWER2YOUTH). IAI regularly organises dissemination events, including conferences, workshops and guest lectures, and disseminates research results through regular publication outlets including its peer-reviewed English-language journal (The International Spectator, Routledge), its on-line magazine (AffarInternazionali.it), its yearbook (L’Italia e la Politica Internazionale, il Mulino), its monographs (IAI Quaderni) and its working paper series (DocIAI). IAI’s research activities are supported by the library containing over 24,000 volumes/periodicals, with approximately 1,000 new acquisitions per year catalogued on-line.

Website: http://www.iai.it