Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies (PODEM) is a research and advocacy think tank based in Istanbul. PODEM seeks to contribute to the efforts towards a Turkey where democracy is fully institutionalized and democratic mindset prevails.

To this end, our research projects analyse the changing dynamics of the society of Turkey and of other relevant societies and states through rigorous field research and provide policy proposals in the light of our findings and share them with the public and relevant political and social actors. In that regard, PODEM aims to forge synergy between the government, public institutions, the business world, media and local civil society actors, and contribute to the reform processes and policy-making efforts as a bridge between local, national, and global civil society organizations. Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a Turkey where democracy, both as a system and as a mentality, is institutionalized, as well as the establishment of peace and justice on a national, regional, and global level.

The research areas: Peace and Reconciliation Process – Security and Democracy- Constitutional Reform – Religion, State and Society – Local Governance and Decentralization – Social Research – Turkey and Armenians – Turkey and Europe – Turkey and Its Neighborhood (Middle East, Mediterranean, and the Caucasus) – Syria Crisis – Turkey and the United States – Humanitarian and Foreign Aid and Global Social Responsibility.

Website: http://podem.org.tr/en/