Martin Keulertz

Martin Keulertz will be appointed as Visiting Assistant Professor on Food Security at the American University in Beirut effective 15 August 2016. For the MENARA project, he works as a research associate at King’s College London. He previously worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at Purdue University (USA) and Humboldt University Berlin (Germany). He obtained his PhD at King’s College London (UK) in 2013 with a thesis on foreign direct investment in Sudanese agriculture by Jordan and Qatar. Martin’s research interests centre around the water-food-energy nexus with a particular focus on the Arab world, North America and Sub-Sahara Africa. Moreover, he has published on the global political economy of water and food. He is an associate editor of the journal ‘Food Security’ (Springer Link) and editor of the Handbook of Water, Food and Society (OUP, 2017).