Djallil Lounnas

Djallil Lounnas holds a PhD in Political Science from Université de Montreal and is Assistant Professor of International Relations. After teaching two years in the School of Governance and Economics of Rabat, he joined Al Akhawayn University in January 2013. His research is focused on Jihadist Groups in North Africa and the Sahel, regions where he has conducted several field works. He also works on the politics of Algeria. Among his publications, « L’Algerie face à l’arc de menaces : Quelles Stratégies » with Yahia Zoubir in Securité et Strategie, Forthcoming 2016, «Les mutations des Groupes Jihadistes en Afrique du Nord/Sahel: d’AQMI à l’Etat Islamique » (The mutations of the Jihadist groups in North Africa/Sahel: from AQIM to the Islamic State) Maghreb Machreck (Forthcoming 2016), “Stabilité vs Démocratie en Algérie: La transition démocratique à l’épreuve d’un environnement extérieur dangereux”.