The Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), in cooperation with the Barcelona Center for International Affairs (CIDOB) and the Corvinus University of Budapest, have the pleasure to invite you to the conference entitled “Orders and Disorders in the Middle East and North Africa“.

Over the past decade, the MENA region have witnessed profound geopolitical shifts, prompting extraordinary levels of unpredictability and instability. At the domestic level, various deep-reaching social and political changes have been unfolding amid contestation processes since 2010.

The effects of new patterns of contestation during the so-called Arab Spring live side by side with long-lasting domestic dynamics such as sustained demographic pressures (youth bulge, rural exodus) and the polarization of sectarian politics and communal strife.

At the same time, other geopolitical shifts like the growing importance of violent and non-violent non-state actors, nuclear proliferation, failed and fragile states, forced migrations and changes in the distribution of natural resources are reshaping many of the traditional features of the pre-2011 geopolitical order, while others may have the potential to do so in the near future. Consequently, understanding the nature, scope and depth of these transformations becomes crucial for fully evaluating how the regional geopolitical future may look like.

The conference will take place the 18th of April in Budapest, at the Corvinus University of Budapest (1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8. Building E, Room 2001), from 3pm to 5.30 pm.

Please click here to see the conference programme and the 10 takeaways from the third plenary meeting