Project Description

The MENARA Booklets are a series of publications which provide insights on the Middle East and North Africa regional order. These Booklets translate scholarly-sounded research into helpful insights for practitioners. In each of the four Booklets you may find a compendium of articles and extracts covering the most pressing issues for your field of expertise.

The MENARA Booklet for Development Agencies and NGOs provides you state-of-the-art and thoughtful analysis which may help your organization to better address challenges and inform your daily decisions. It includes our researchers’ main ideas on topics like demographic, economic, energetic and technological transformations in the region; its embeddedness in economic globalization; the governance of migration and border controls; the impact of climate change for regional societies; and the role of global NGOs in dealing with all these issues. All these, read together, would offer a comprehensive picture of the most critical elements affecting development in the region.

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