Project Description

A number of 139 experts and researchers from different institutes and organizations were invited to participate at the Online Real-Time Delphi Survey (RTD) about possible and likely futures of the MENA region. The experts have been chosen due to their verifiable high expertise in specific areas and topics on the MENA region. All invitees received an e-mail with a short explanation, a link to the MENARA project website, and a personal link leading to the survey.

The experts were asked to answer questions and provide their opinions on twelve topics:

1. Social and cultural cleavages

2. Social unrest

3. Renewable energy in 2025

4. Internet in MENA region

5. Youth unemployment

6. Mass media in the MENA region

7. Urbanization

8. Gender equality

9. Military and security

10. State borders

11. Foreign influence

12. MENA and the EU


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