The MENARA Project partners organized a panel on ‘The Impact of Changing Identities and Ideologies on Regional Order in the Post-2011 Middle East and North Africa’ at the 2018 BRISMES Conference held at King’s College London on 28 June 2018. The goal of the panel was to disseminate and discuss some of the results of the Project related to the impact of ideational factors (ideas, ideologies, values) on shaping the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) geopolitical regional order after 2011. The presenters were Katerina Dalacoura (LSE), Silvia Colombo (IAI), Djallil Lounnas (AUI) and Erzsébet Rózsa (IFAT), in addition to one external speaker. The panel was attended by some thirty people in the audience who participated in a lively debate after each speaker’s presentation.

Among the issues raised and discussed during debate was the impact of the pluralization of collective identities on changing patterns of state-society relations in Morocco with particular reference to the Amazigh case; the changes in the paradigms of jihadist activism in the MENA from Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State; the impact of globalization onto the MENA and the contribution of the region to the global discourses on democracy and human rights; the unpacking of the concept and practice of ‘revolution’ in some countries in the MENA (namely, Egypt and Iran) as a basis for further academic and policy-oriented research. The panel was also instrumental in dissemination general knowledge about the Project and the consortium implementing it.