On March 6, 2017 the MENARA Project was presented to the foreign policy experts and decision-makers from the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. IZT Team members had the chance to present and discuss the goals of the project with experts dealing with the Mediterranean and the Middle East, European affairs and other relevant issues.

This meeting was also an opportunity to assess the main geopolitical challenges of the MENA region and MENARA’s contribution to a better understanding of them. Among the different topics discussed, the dialogue revolved around the instability, and the challenges for Good Governance, the specific regional and national traditions and conditions, and last not least actors from outside the MENA region.

With regards to Europe it was discussed that the EU should take action in order to condense and focus the decision making and suggestions coming from the member states towards the region. An important takeaway from the meeting was the need for MENARA to go beyond informed analysis and come forward with transformative ideas and clear recommendations for European decision-makers.

Several participants expressed that one of MENARA’s contribution could be to open and deepen the debate on the future geopolitical configuration of the MENA region and its impact for Europe in all EU capitals.